Kilimatinde Hospital 

Bear Necessities Project

The Bear Necessities Project exists to support a small 8 bedded burn unit burn which is one of the services provided by the Kilimatinde Hospital.
Kilimatinde Hospital is a small rural mission hospital which is located in Tanzania in East Africa and is supported by The Kilimatinde Trust: 

         The burn unit was opened in 20018 to improve the care, recovery and life chances of those suffering from burn injury. Burns are a common occurrence in sub-Saharan Africa due to cooking on open fires and using gasoline lamps. Water is scarce and there’s a lack of first aid treatment and delayed admission to hospital which causes the injury to be worse and sometimes fatal.

In 2018 the nearest specialist burn unit was 10 hours away by bus most burn victims couldn’t survive the journey or cost of treatment. 
Global situation: 95% of burns occur in low to middle income countries, the majority of burns happen in isolated rural areas where patients are treated by staff who have had no training in burn care.


The Kilimatinde Trust in partnership with the staff of Kilimatinde Hospital, set up the small 8 bedded burn unit. We visited the specialist burn unit and worked with them to design the unit in Kilimatinde. We used operational standards, training material and care plans with permission from interburns.org
The funding for the burn unit came through the Kilimatinde Trust via individual fundraising events and a large donation /grant from Franciscan aid. 
The treatment and care continue to improve, and the environment, nutrition, pain relief, and survival rate are good. The knowledge and skills of staff working in the unit continues to grow and we are committed to continued support of training and supplementing the cost of treatment for those who can’t afford it. 

The suggested donation for a bear would be £10 if you would like to keep him, alternatively we would be happy to complete the bear if you just want to cut out the pattern, and that would be a great help too, we would love to see your pictures.

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