20th Anniversary (1997 – 2017) Projects

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Project 1:          Burns Project at Kilimatinde Hospital.     To find out more click here

Update on the Burns Unit Project

                        Promoting good health care.  A new burns unit
 The Trust supports the Kilimatinde Hospital. This 140 bed hospital struggles at   every  level   but through the extraordinary dedication of staff and the generosity of   donors the health   provision to the area is remarkable. 

  The next step is to provide   a burns unit.
 Too often the necessary domestic use of charcoal and kerosene causes the most   horrific   injuries, sometimes fatal. Children, women and those with epilepsy are the most common   victims.
Within the existing building we can create a dedicated unit by partitioning the room and creating male and female treatment areas. We will also provide trained nurses, a shower, running water and a supply of medication.  With relatively little expence we can improve the life chances of these victims

Project 2:          Dormatory Project at St Johns School.    To find out more click here

                         Promoting good education  A new dormitory

   St John’s Secondary School based in Kilimatinde village, provides excellent             education as demonstrated by year on year excellent examination results, a far cry   from where it was in 1997.

St Johns has been offering Education to O Level Standards since 1985. From 2018 the school would like to offer their students the opportunity to study for Advanced Level Qualifications. This new provision will significantly improve the Students opportunities for obtaining good employment and improve the prospects for the rest of their family and the community. Once the students have gained their qualifications the School is committed to assisting them with their application process to higher education.

For the most part the school is now self financing but periodically the school requires external help with a capital project. The need for a new dormitory for A Level students is critical to give decent living accommodation and study space.

Fundraising at the 2017 Graduation Ceremony click here   

In the midst of our graduation there is a fundraiser for St Johns to be able to provide A levels. Students, Teachers and Parents alike are donating.  Many are giving bags of cement 1 bag is 13,000/=tsh or £5 if anyone at home or around the world would like to contribute towards one or more bags of cement please go to our support-us page

Project 3:          Solar Project Based in Manyoni.              To find out more click here


                         Caring for the environment.  A solar production unit
  The Rift Valley Diocese is co-terminus with the semi-arid region of Singida the   poorest   area   in Tanzania. It constantly struggles with famine, water shortages and   deforestation   and its   infrastructure remains poor.
The Trust has worked with local communities to engage with dam building, bore holes, re-forestation schemes, bee projects etc.
In 2017/18 we want to work with GENNEX a Christian company at the cutting edge of en-gagement with solar products for developing countries. With them (and possibly Tear Fund) we want to establish a solar assembly scheme to reduce the use of kerosene lamps and charcoal across the rural communities.
This will improve the quality of life for all those who live in these off-grid rural villages.
The project will fund a start up business based in the DRV’s premises in Manyoni and provide education and skills training for up to 10 young people.

If you would like to support any of these projects plese go to our Support Page or click here


 To support us through Just Giving click on the logo

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