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Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.

Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ. 

St John's Place, Secondary, Primary and Nursery School

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Mattresses for the Secondary School Dorms

We are raising fund to replace all the mattresses in the secondary school dorms.

These new Mattresses wil enable the students to sleep well because: -

Sleep Well = Learn Well

Please support us in this project to give the Students a goo nights sleep.

Please go to our Just Giving page by following this link 

Sleep Well = Learn Well 


St Johns Place

Rev Canon Joseph Kyense      The Manager and Head of the Bible College



                                                  Zawedi Emid     Head of Secondary School



            Simon Michael     Head of Primary School




Bursar     Scolar Godfrey

Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.




Student support.    Would you like to support the work of the school? 

School fees per year per student
Nursery £250
Primary £250
Secondary £600

  If you would like to donate/sponsor a student please click here to download a donation / gift aid form. Or for an Online Form click here

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The Secondary, Primary and Nursery School and the Bible College take Volunteers from around the world on short and long term placements.  

Volunteering at St Johns 

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Volunteer Accomodation.

The new Volunteers  Accomodation Block.  For more information  click here


Downloadable / Printable Information for Gap Year Students or Short Term Mission / Volunteers click here

To apply through the Kilimatinde Trust please use this link to our application form volunteering at St Johns


Following an inspection my Education Inspectors the school is looking to upgrade some of its school buildings with the objectives of:-

  1. Improving the health and wellbeing of the boys and girls at St Johns
  2. Improving the practical learning envirroment
  3. To create a safe enviroment for both teachers and students

To achieve this they intend to over the next couple of years to:-

  • Construct a new toilet block for the Girls Dormitories
  • Refurbish the laboratories including a new roof
  • Refurbish both the Boys and the Girls dormitories
  • Build a new house for the Matron to live in. 

The total cost for the above works is in the region og £27,000

Many Tanzanians are giving bags of cement 1 bag is 13,000/=tsh or £5 if anyone at home or around the world would like to contribute towards one or more bags of cement please go to our support-us page or click to Just Giving link below.

For more details please visit or projects page.

To download a flyer please click here.


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