The Kilimatinde Trust was established in 1997 and since then it has continued in partnership with the Diocese of the Rift Valley, Tanzania.

Medical Students Briefing

Next briefing / debriefing meeting:- Saturday morning 9th February 2019 10-30am at the British Library

Please email (ktrust97@aol.comwith your mobile number if you would like to attend. 


Grace Kanungha says. 

Extremely proud moment when our primary school children performed at the form four graduation just now. Their message... Education is key and St John's is the best!  We have come so far from when we started the nursery school on the veranda at the back of our house. All glory to He who is able and our saviour Jesus Christ



This is the district education officer telling us not only does she agree that we should be registered for A level but also that we are one of two schools in our district that have been selected by the government to deliver A'level. She then went around the room collecting contributions from the room so that we can build the needed dormitories.


20th Anniversary

For our 20th anniversary in 2017 we are looking to launch three projects and complete them in our 21st year, 2018:

Each has a value of about £10,000

Building a school dormitory for A Level students

Establishing a Burns Unit in the Hospital

Update on the Burns Unit Project

Develop a social enterprise project to build solar products for rural households


For more information on any of these projects please see our Projects page.

If you would like to support any of these projects please go to our Support Us page.



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Visa’s - new for 2017

All volunteers including medical students require a business visa for any length of stay of up to three months. This costs $250 and you need to apply for this upon arrival at the airport. This can be paid for by Bank or Credit card

You will need to take the following documents with you:-

A letter of acceptance from The Kilimatinde Trust.  (We will provide this upon your acceptance) 
A letter of recommendation from your university 
A photocopy of your passport 
A photocopy of your university name badge 
A photocopy of your CV 

Those staying longer than 3 months will need a work permit and a residents permit which will cost $750. These need to be applied for 6 months prior to your entry in the country.  Grace Kanungha co-ordinates this for the diocese, the advice is to contact her and she will arrange this for you. She will also charge a fee for doing this for her travel and accommodation.  She is working with the immigration office to see if they can arrange for volunteers to be exempt from work permits in which case the cost will be $250 but this has not been agreed yet .

You can contact Grace via email at

Medical students can now pay for their accommodation at the bungalow by visa or debit card, there is a charge of 2% for this, it will save money as the students will not need to get multiple amounts of cash from the cash machines in Manyoni for which there is a transport and transaction charge.

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