Opportunities for Sightseeing

Tanzania has many tourist opportunities from Safari parks to sandy beaches and the big Kilimanjaro. Anything touristy comes at a high price so we recommend you do your research before you come if you are interested in doing any tourist activities. You can chat to Grace Kanungha before you come if you want to book something before you come with regards to fitting it into your time and the work you will be doing. It is possible to arrange trips once you have arrived but we especially recommend any trips up Kilimanjaro should be organised in advance and you must check with your travel insurance that you will have the right cover for such an activity. The budget you have been given does not cover any sightseeing you may like to do, so you will need to add this on as extra and think carefully when fundraising. People may be happy to help with the cost of your flights but not the cost of a 3 day safari!

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