Medical Matters

Medical Matters

You will need to speak to your doctor before you come to get your anti malarial prescription – very important.

As well as this you will need an appointment with your local travel nurse to arrange the inoculations that you will require. It is advised to start this process early as some of the drugs come at a price that will need to be budgeted for and some of the jabs are given in a course of 3 over a period of weeks/months. You do not need Yellow Fever for Tanzania anymore and inoculations against Rabbis or Cholera are not essential but up to your own personal choice.

Malaria – is prevalent in Tanzania but with just a few precautions you can keep yourself well protected against the pesky mosquitos. Take an anaphylaxis such as malarone or Larium. Come equipped with insect repellent or buy it on arrival (personally Grace find’s the locally available one more effective but opinions vary) and wear it as soon as dusk arrives. Always sleep under a mosquito net (we can tell you if you need to bring one of whether one can be provided).

Sun tan lotion - a big must and you need a high factor rating.

Keeping clean – it is possible to buy soap and shampoo locally (conditioner is more tricky) but we recommend if you are coming for 6 months or less that you bring enough from home to see you through as the prices are high and the kind you want probably won’t be available.

Hospital – Kilimatinde hospital is basic but the head doctor is very skilled and experienced. There are no doctor’s surgeries so any health matter goes direct to the local hospital. In the case of any medical concern before arrival or once you are in Tanzania please contact Grace Kanungha, the earlier the better.

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