You can use most ATM’s if you have a VISA debit card. The nearest ones to Kilimatinde/Manyoni are in Dodoma and Singida (approximately two hours away) and so forward planning and preparation is essential. For accommodation costs you can discuss with Festo and Grace the best way, it may be possible to do a bank transfer before you come. English pounds can be exchanged at most banks as can US dollars, Tanzanian shillings cannot be taken in or out of the country and so you won’t be able to exchange money in the UK. We recommend that you come with a money belt and we will help you if you come with a large amount of cash to care for it safely. Traveller’s cheques are not easy to use in Tanzania. The bureau de change at Dar es Salaam airport offer fair and average exchange rates and so you will be able exchange money as soon as you arrive if needed.

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