You will be expected to book your own flights the earlier you book the cheaper it is although it is possible to get some last minute deals.  Let us know when you have booked your flights.


News: Key Travel can offer a speedy competitive price comparison.  Ask for the Indigo team 020 7843 2571 and quote Kilimatinde Trust., you will have to pay yourself do not charge it to the Trust.


All volunteers including medical students are required to have a visa for any length of stay of up to three months. You will need to obtain a Tourist Visa, this costs $50 and you apply for this upon arrival at the airport. This can be paid for by Bank or Credit card but is easier in cash.  If you apply to the consulate in the UK you wll have to apply on-line.

You will need to take the following documents with you:-

A letter of acceptance from The Kilimatinde Trust.  (We will provide this upon your acceptance) 
A letter of recommendation from your university 
A photocopy of your passport 
A photocopy of your university name/ID badge 
A photocopy of your CV 

Accommodation Payment

Medical students can now pay for their accommodation at the bungalow by visa or debit card, there is a charge of 2% for this, it will save money as the students will not need to get multiple amounts of cash from the cash machines in Manyoni for which there is a transport and transaction charge.


As you come out of the airport immediately on the left is a cash exchange bureaux, change what money you will need for the next 24 hours.          You will require money for:-

Airport Car Park



Taxi to Hotel (total cost)



Hotel (Twin Room with A/C and Fan)






Taxi to Bus Station (total cost)



Bus Fare Dar-es-Salam to Solya



Mobile Phone Sim Credit






You may wish to exchange £100 so you have enough. These costs may vary according to the exchange rate.  An average exchange rate is TSh2800 to the Pound.

Our man in Dar-es-Salaam is Hamisi.  He will meet you at the airport and take you to our preferred guest house called Econo Lodge, collect you the following morning and take you to the bus station and book your bus tickets.  

Hamisi’s contact details:-

Mobile phone number          Vodacom     +255768681259  Tigo     +255715458767


Whatsapp                               +255768681259

Please ensure you use +255 when ringing from the UK

If you have any difficulty please contact Grace Kanungha on +255714485208.

The ABC bus departs at 6am or 7am and Hamisi will ensure that you get there on time, (you will need to leave   the hotel 1 hour before your bus time).                       

 Mobile Phones

It is cost efficient to buy a pay-as-you-go sim card in Dar-es-Salaam, this can be done at the airport. All mobile numbers have to be registered so you will need your passport with you when you purchase your Sim. So make sure phone is unlocked before you go.  Tigo and Vodacom both work well in Kilimatinde.

Half a mile 360 degrees round Econo Lodge has everything you need. Bureaux de Change, a great African restaurant called African Pride (also advertise safaris to Mikumi) and a western Peacock hotel with air con, bar, Sky TV and chips!

Econo Lodge

PO Box 8658, Libya / Band Street,

Dar es Salaam,

+255 22 2116048 / 50 

Taxi in Dar-es-Salam Hamisi +255768681259.


Getting there

Hamisi will ensure you get on the right bus at the bus station early in the morning and you will travel on it all day.  You will need to pay the bus fare to the ABC person at the bus. (Note the location of your bags and that they are marked Solya by the conductor). The bus will go all the way from Dar-es-Salaam to Solya with two stops (Morogorro and Dodoma).  If you are going to Kilimatinde you need to ask to be put off at Solya (which is the village next to Kilimatinde) and there the Hospital car will pick you up.  It’s about one mile away.  Manyoni is a further 15 minutes away and the next stopping point.