Developing World

This Placement gives the opportunity to engage with and participate in a developing world health care system. You will work with people from the poorest regions in Tanzania and gain an understanding of the challenges of delivering health care to their communities. The Kilimatinde Trust has links with two hospitals, Kilimatinde Mission Hospital and Mayoni Government District Hospital. We have placement opportunities at both these hospitals.  Compared to the West, both hospitals have poor resources, even the most basic provisions such as water and electricity are limited especially in Kilimatinde.  

The area is prone to drought and therefore food and water shortages.  They have poor diets and nearly all admissions have vitamin and iron deficiencies.  Many patients have to travel long distances to attend the hospital often on foot.  The majority occupation is subsistence farming and the ability to pay even a small amount for treatment is limited.  The general health of the population is poor and malaria is common. That said the treatment for HIV/AIDS and the governments fee 'access to health care programme' had added 10 years onto the life expectancy from birth from 50 in 2000 to 60 in 2012. 
The people you will work with at the hospital have been there for many years and working in conditions we can hardly imagine in the West.  First principle: Show respect. just because we have hi-tech experiences in no way makes us superior! They have been working in this environment for a along time, listen and learn.  Second principle: Be sympathetic to the language barrier, English will probably be their third language and you will need to listen for the meaning beyond the words. Third principle: Look for opportunities to serve and be helpful.