In Kilimatinde the accommodation is full-board in a staffed four bedroom bungalow on the hospital site. The charge for this is 30,000Ts per day full board (£75/week) you will pay this to the hospital administrator Mr Mattonya, Dr Uggi or Lorient Shyo - they will give you a receipt for this.

The conversion rate as of September 2017 is Ts2800 = £1

The electricity supply is 240v 3 pin square plugs as in the UK. 

The postal address is: Kilimatinde Hospital, Kilimatinde, PO Box 86 Manyoni Tanzania,

Mail usually takes 1-2 weeks for a letter to arrive from the UK and at least 1 month for a package to arrive at the Post Office in Manyoni.


In Manyoni you will stay in the Diocese of the Rift Valley Guest House in the grounds of the Cathedral and a 15 minute walk away and there are single en-suite rooms. Again the accommodation is full board also at *30,000Ts per day. Rev Daudi Manasseh the Diocesan Secretary will administer the practical arrangements.  The electricity supply is 240v via 3 pin square plugs as in the UK.
‚ÄčThe reception manager is Simon Sumaye (+255787896002 +255768585596) and he will collect you from the bus stop so text him with your eta

The Postal address of the Guest House is PO BOX 16, Manyoni, Tanzania.

In the accommodation in Kilimatinde and Manyoni there are resourses you can use to help you on your placement.  There is a  good supply of books in Kilimatinde ,and we are also improving the supply of text books in Manyoni.  There is also  a copy of the WHO IMCI guidelines(integrated management of childhood illnesses ) which are currently being used and promoted in both hospitals.  It might be helpful if you look at these on line before you go. In addition each area has a handover board with useful information and a list and explanation of on-going and past projects which medical students have been involved in.  Please add to and amend this where appropriate.  You will also find an up to date guide to Kilimatinde and Manyoni along with a note book of past experience from medical students which you are free to add to .