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Festo, Grace, Zephaniah and William Kanungha

August 2016



Transformed lives: through education and the love of Christ.

Since becoming the Head Master in 2010 Festo Kanungha has been working at transforming the lives of the pupils through education and the love of Christ.


The Form IV results for 2016.

Div 1 = 7, Div 2 = 24, Div 3 = 20 and Div 4 = 4.

This took the school to third in the region and Nationally to 198 out of 3280, a vast improvement on years gone by.  Not only is the school improving academically but also in its sense of community and unity amongst staff and students
Well done to all Pupils, Staff and the Head Master

Currently the school has 270 students, 30 teachers and other members of staff. 

The students receive the full spectrum of academic subjects including bible knowledge from form 1-4.  The school also teaches  additional VETA courses in Tailoring and Mechanics.

As well as in their studying students at St. John’s learn valuable life skills such as; Leadership, Pastoral care, Church leadership, husbandry, management, store keeping, book keeping.

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Football match after school                                                 St John's pig keeping project

Student support.    Would you like to support the work of the school?                 The school fees for 2018 are :- Nursery £25,  Primary £110,  Secondary £445 all per year per student.  If you would like to donate/sponsor a student please click here for a donation / gift aid form.

Volunteers.  The School Bible College and the Nursery School take Volunteers from around the world on short and long term placements.  For more information click here

Volunteer Accomodation.

  We are at present in the middle of building a new Volunteers  Accomodation Block.  For more information  click here





Downloadable / Printable Information for Gap Year Students or Short Term Volunteers click here


Too few dormitories and many in need of repair.

For the Trusts 20th Annaversery we are looking to build a new Dormitory for A Level Students. For more information please  Click Here

Too few classrooms – we now require two classrooms for each form.

No library 

Monthly cost of electricity and water


The school hopes to install a fully functional computer room, a water harvester and solar power system.


The school also intends to build up their school projects which it is hoped will help them to become self sufficient.  Currently these include looking after pigs, cows and goats and a school garden.  A school guesthouse is also planned.


For news of St John's, Grace Festo and Zephaniah visit their blog. 

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2017 Graduation

St John's Nursery School
St John's Nursery School